Art Capture

Two. Hundred. Million. Pixels.

Our Hasselblad H4D-200MS’s amazing 200MP resolution brings unprecedented detail and resolution to LightSource’s Digital Captures. The H4D-200MS is used in-house by the MoMA, the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Tate Gallery of London. When the absolutely highest degree of museum-quality color and resolution is required, LightSource is the ONLY place to get your artwork digitized.

That’s the LightSource Advantage.

06_17_16_LightsourcePromo_02-sIt’s kinda like scanning, but much better! Whether you want to reproduce your art as a fine art printing edition or just want a digital version for your website, our captures are where it’s at. We use a very high resolution digital camera to photograph your work under controlled studio conditions. The captured image is then carefully adjusted in postproduction, and output to you in 16 bits. This technical workflow gives us the utmost precision in capturing the essence of your art.

If you wish to accentuate the texture of raised brush strokes in your art, we can capture those strokes by using differential lighting to enhance the shadows and detail. The effect in the final print can be astounding, creating a three dimensional look that has a pronounced effect on the viewer.

We have an immense amount of experience digitizing original artwork, having captured over 5,000 artworks in 8 years. This amount of experience is required when making the best museum quality reproductions of your artwork.

Why do I need the best possible captures?

MIDDLETON_81_BEAR_print-2-sIt’s your art, and you know how hard you worked on it. Now it’s time to show it off. Whether you’d like to sell your editioned prints, send your digitized portfolio to prospective galleries, or produce a faithful reproduction for publishing, digital captures from LightSource are the best option available anywhere. It’s not just a question of just obtaining a large enough file size for the print you want us to make. It’s also matter of achieving superior color accuracy, tonal control, dynamic range, and rendering of fine detail. From our new Hasselblad H4D-200MS captures to premiere post-processing, all these qualities are combined to make a faithful reproduction of your original art.

When you need the absolute best captures, LightSource delivers. Our Hasselblad H4D-200MS, boasting 200 million pixels (200MP), produces the highest-possible resolution digital capture of your original artwork. We are the only shop in Northern California with this capability!

We can capture 2D works of any size. Bring your artwork to our shop at your convenience, or schedule an appointment with a capture technician.

Special Offer! Save up to 20% on your digital captures when you bring in three or more artworks of a similar size.

We can capture many kinds of 2D artwork. Here are some of them:

  • Works on paper, including pencil & pastel
  • Oil & acrylic paintings
  • Watercolors
  • Fabric, Textiles, and Fiber Art
  • Glass plate negatives
  • Tintypes
  • Original & historic photographs
  • Historic documents & papers
  • Scrolls
  • 2D Memorabilia
  • Animation Cells
  • Blueprints
  • 200MB 16 bit capture, for prints up to 24``
  • 500MB 16 bit capture for prints up to 40``
  • 750MB 16 bit capture for prints up to 60``
  • 1GB 16 bit capture for prints up to 72``