Film Scanning

Heidelberg S3900 & Primescan D8200

Your images are precious. When you need to scan film for a print, book or exhibit, it is vitally important to get the best quality drum scans available. At LightSource we use the best drum scanners ever made: The Heidelberg S3900 for transparencies, B&W negatives and reflective (non-transparent) art, and the Primescan D8200 for color negatives.

The LightSource Advantage:
  • LF-4x5s-sFilm is wet-mounted with Kami fluid for a much cleaner and higher resolution scan. Most dust, scratches, and surface imperfections simply disappear!
  • Focus is adjusted manually.
  • True full-frame scan capacity for all film types.
  • Very competitive pricing!
What the Other Guys Use: A number of shops offer high resolution “virtual-drum” scans on Imacon or Epson flatbed scanners; however they can’t produce the same dynamic range, ultrafine detail, or noise-free scans that our Heidelberg scanners provide. Among other drawbacks of those scanners are:
  • Imacon’s lack of a true high-resolution scan from 4×5 film. They produce a maximum 200MB file size without interpolation, yielding only a 25×30 file at 300 DPI.
  • Epson V750 flatbed scanners produce a maximum 75MB file size without interpolation, yielding only 17×17 at 300 DPI file. For photographers after large format prints, this can be a serious limitation!
  • No wet mounting of film, which reduces resolution.
  • no 16 Bit capability (which LightSource offers on the Primescan).

  • 06_17_16_LightsourcePromo_05-sOur Scans are completely optimized, corrected, and spotted, presenting you with the ideal digital reproduction of your film. 
We set the white and black points, correct the color and tonal range, and clean up any remaining dust or scratches. This option is for clients who prefer to leave the work to us.
  • Note that we don’t apply any sharpening to our Heidelberg scans, as sharpening should be added after the file has been sized for printing. Typically much less sharpening is needed for a larger print than a smaller one, so the original, unsharpened file is required for optimum printing at multiple sizes. As a result our scans may look “soft” in comparison with other labs that use default sharpening to make their lower resolution scans look sharp.)
  • What Size Scans Do I Need?
  • Here’s a good rule of thumb for assessing your scan size in MB (or input resolution) for a given output size at 300DPI (Dots Per Inch). File size for 8 and 16 bit scans are in the two columns on the left, and your desired final output size you want is in the right hand column.
  • Questions? Give us a call! 415-621-1448

06_17_16_LightsourcePromo_04-sLightSource provides the best drum scans you can buy for your transparencies and negatives. Our Heidelberg S3900 and Primescan D8200 drum scanners extract every bit of detail that exists in your film. In addition, our scanner technicians take extreme care in optimizing your scan to ensure all the highlights and shadows in your film are preserved.
Here is our new pricing as of 2017. Quantity discounts are for multiples of the same media type.

SCAN SIZE 1 SCAN 2-5 6-15 16+
50MB $ 35 $ 30 $ 26.35 CALL
100MB $ 45 $ 38 $ 33.75 CALL
250MB $ 55 $ 47 $ 41.25 CALL
500MB $ 75 $ 64 $ 56.25 CALL
750MB $ 85 $ 72 $ 63.75 CALL
1GB $ 115 $ 97.75 $ 86.25 CALL

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