Mounting Options

We offer a wide range of mounting and presentation solutions for your prints. Email us with the specifics of your project and we can explain our options in further detail, match the best solution to your prints, and give you a custom quote.


ED-KATE-MOSS-HOUSE-DECOR-2-sSometimes called Acrylic Photo Printing, plexiglass facemounts are give your images a bold, modern feel. Your print is displayed behind clear, high-gloss Plexiglass, available in 1/8″, 3/16″, 1/4″, 1/2″, or 3/4″ thickness. Plexi draws in light into your print making it almost 3D, creating a captivating presentation for gallery and high-end corporate environments. Paper options for this style of mounting are Gloss and Metallic. Non-glare Plexi is also available.

backframe-sThe backing can be either 1/16” polished aluminum or ⅛” black epanel (aka dibond). For smaller sizes, bamboo and Sintra are also available.

float---top-cornerFor facemounted prints, we recommend a recessed aluminum backframe. Because the recessed backframe is hidden from view, the facemounted print “floats” an inch off the wall.

FM---plexi-eighth-and-epanel-sA great mounting option for a clean, durable finish. Also known as DiBond, E-panel has a black composite polymer material sandwiched between two thin sheets of aluminum. Available in 4mm thickness, about ⅛”. Combined with a recessed back frame, E-Panel mounting  creates a bold statement that fits with modern or traditional decor. A great rigid yet lightweight backing option for facemounts!

FM---plexi-and-aluminum-sA unique, stylish, and very durable mounting option. Your image is fused to the ultra-high gloss aluminum surface. With a similar look to E-panel, aluminum has an edge that is a solid silver color compared to the black and silver of E-panel. Highly recommended as a backing for facemounts!

FM---Plexi-quarter-and-sintra-quarter-sComposite polymer backings for a clean, durable presentation. Sintra is available in black or white, 6mm or 12mm thickness, and in our opinion is ideally matched with a Face Mount for a superior gallery or corporate setting.

mount---gator-and-lam-sOur most popular option! Made of durable and lightweight Polystyrene foam, Gatorboard is available in black and white,  3/16” and ½” thicknesses. Gatorboard is preferable over Foam Core because it is less susceptible to divots and warping. Add UV lamination for an economical and durable presentation!

mount---gator-and-lam-sSmooth finish and additional protection, available in Satin and Matte.

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